by Liz Sedley

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Agile Coaching

I'm very pleased to announce that my book Agile Coaching has just been published.

Aimed at anyone who wants to help a software team to improve, it is full of practical tips and ideas to help you help your team.


Being Agile is a journey not a destination.

It is very easy to read the books, to surf the internet, to listen to the podcasts and think "Eureka, I know what my company needs to do." It is far harder to take your current team and company and influence them to change.

It is the job of an Agile Coach to help map the path, to determine the next steps.

An agile coach needs to be innovative, a change agent, someone who loves to explore alternatives and play with ideas. Agile coaching is not about following rules, it's about creating and adapting the rules. It's about expanding possibilities, reflecting and changing.



Articles about Agile and building Agile teams.


Agile Training

Details of my upcoming courses in London, UK.