by Liz Sedley

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Introduction To Agile

Agile is hard to explain in thirty seconds, but here I will try to introduce what Agile is really about. This article is for anyone, at any level in the organisation, who is interested in understanding what Agile really is. ...

Agile Team Review

Here are some common problems (and solutions) which I see in teams which have been doing Agile for a while, but feel that they’re not quite doing it right: ...

What Does an Agile Coach Do All Day?

When I first became a full time coach the thing I found hardest was knowing what to do each day. After all, running the agile meetings is hardly a full time job. What was I actually meant to do from 9 to 5? ...

What Does Good Code Look Like?

For code to be considered 'good' it needs to be simple and easy to understand. It needs to be bug free and maintainable.....

How to create a Quality Culture

In order for us to create quality software, everybody, at every level of the organisation needs to care about quality. It is our job as agile coach to foster a quality culture, both within our team and within our company...

Introduction to Kanban

Information Radiators


Blue-White-Red an Example Agile Process